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Help CEL Raise Money for Schools through Edible Plant Sales

Dear Garden Lovin’ Community,

We are an edible landscape company that would like to support schools and help create healthy communities by offering fundraising opportunities through edible plant sales. Cascadian Edible Landscapes is a mission driven company: Our Goal is to create an edible Cascadia region: healthy environment, people, and communities.  

We have two models on offer:

  • A traditional plant sale event
  • An order model where parents and community members order plants ahead of time to be delivered on a specific date, ala chocolate bars or book sales.


Our sales include annual vegetable starts, herbs, berries, fruit trees, and edible natives. Schools will keep 25-50% of the proceeds (depending on the type of plant).


We would like to host 1-2 sales this June and more sales in the fall.


If you know of a school that might be interested in hosting a sale in late May or June let us know!


If you are a PTA/PTSA member, please have your president or event coordinator contact us at ASAP for more details and/or to set up an initial meeting.

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