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to shift our disposable cup habit as a community.

Here in Seattle, we’ve taken the lead in recycling.  Now we need to push the envelope by shifting to reuse.


Recycling is better than landfill but does that mean we get to be wasteful, extruding a veritable torrent of disposable, single-use items, plowing through the resources burned up for the sake of a product used once and then tossed? 

Our use of disposable cups is skyrocketing in the States, up a third from just 4 years ago.


Manufacturing paper cups is extremely resource-intensive.  Then there's packaging and transporting them.  Then, if they are in fact recycled, they are most likely shipped halfway across the world to China. 


All for the sake of a cup I use for ten minutes and then toss.  It makes me want to say, Never mind, I’ll bring my own.  Really, please don’t bother.


Will you help shift our behavior?


Let’s lead the way here in Seattle, as we did on recycling.  No reason to stop now and be satisfied with the status quo.  The next step in the evolution of consciousness is reuse.  And it’s nothing new.  It’s a natural practice that has only recently been derailed.  People have always hung onto stuff, including our parents and grandparents.  Throwing stuff out thoughtlessly is a new phenomenon, manufactured by the entrepreneurs of the 50s who realized that disposability consciousness was a cash cow and set about brainwashing us.   Let’s take charge of our own minds and behavior now. 


Help set a trend by signing up for the campaign that will launch with Green Fest on May 21.  Visit  Signing on is critical .  Also visit our facebook page Reusable Cup Campaign. 




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Comment by Karin de Weille on May 22, 2011 at 8:44pm

Thanks, Joann.  Maybe we can create some momentum.  If we get enough numbers, then that can be used to promote a second campaign and for compaigns targetting other habits and people can start to go through collective shifts of this sort when they are moved to do so.

So yes, let's RIPPLE!!!!!

Comment by Joann Kerr on May 22, 2011 at 11:17am

Wow Karin, you got front page on the Times this Sunday for this campaign! Way to go! I encourage members of this web group to go to

and sign up to change this habit of disposable coffee cup usage. If you, as one determined individual, can make this kind of ripple just image if 500+ of us on this site joined in, what the ripple would be! Congratulations Karin.

Comment by Joann Kerr on May 6, 2011 at 12:58pm
This is a terrific idea for bringing awareness to the way to break habits we think we are stuck in. This may seem like a small thing but small actions lead to greater actions. Way to go Karin. Thanks for bringing this to the group. I recommend any coffee drinker that regularly visits a coffee shop, ask about discounts for bringing your own cup.

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