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For those of you who are taking pictures in the Hood, could you let me know if you have high resolution versions of your posted shots and if I have your permission to use them in a neighborhood brochure? There are many good ones here but I don't want to assume anything. If you have taken shots with people in them you need to ask those individuals if they authorize you to print their image. We want to use this piece at tabling opportunities to inform more neighbors of our group in order to add to our sustainable community.

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Comment by Karen on March 10, 2009 at 10:37pm
Hi Joann -

I have a ton of fairly hi-res photos of neighborhood street gardens (mostly Bryant, some Wedgwood & Ravenna). Anything in particular you're looking for? Let me know: or click around if you have time at and just say the word if you want something and I'll try to dig it up in a larger format.

I'm super excited to join this group!

- Karen

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