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Natural Building and Solar Culture Courses in Nicaragua, January-February, 2012

Hello Everyone


I have worked with Grupo Fenix in Nicaragua off and on since 2007 as a volunteer.  It is a unique organization that, among other things, is guiding the development of a poor community in the countryside of Nicaragua using the principles of permaculture.


Grupo Fenix offers courses to international participants which expose them to the realities of living in the countryside of Nicaragua, enable cultural exchange, and teach participants the principles of building with natural materials, in the case of the Natural Building Course, and how to build solar cookers; build and install solar panels; make charcoal from agricultural waste; and much more, in the case of the Solar Culture Course.


I want to get the word out to as many people as possible about the existence of these courses and how this experience has enriched the lives of past participants.  They learn not only these skills, but, most important, how people in the rest of the world live.  I know the women in the women’s cooperative who house participants and assist in teaching the courses.  They are wonderful.


I am happy to talk with anyone who might want more information and can send you PDFs about the courses.  You can also find information about the courses on Grupo Fenix's website, above.




Katherine P. Ransel

Seattle, WA



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