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NEW! Nature Artists after-school classes for ages 6-12, beginning March 2nd!

Nature’s “built-in” art is all around us, from the delicate and graceful branching of Vine Maples to the coats of moss and lichen on basalt rocks, and so much more. We humans have always been inspired to made art about nature, and from nature itself, which is the inspiration for this brand new, creative class series!

Each class will feature exploration and observation in the Children’s Garden and nearby park areas, followed by a beautiful and simple art-making project. We’ll find and study patterns that repeat throughout nature such as spirals, circles, and hearts, and incorporate them into art.

Children will learn about, and have the chance to express themselves, in multiple mediums,healthy snacking in our organic p-patch plot is included in our weekly activities, and the last class of the session will end with an “exhibition day” with projects on display in the classroom for parents and siblings to admire!

Children should bring raincoats and boots to be comfy during our outdoor activities.   Class fee includes all art supplies!

Magnuson Nature Educators: Emily Bishton
Nature Artists Classes
  • 6 consecutive Thursdays from March 2nd – April 6th
  • 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
  • Fee:  $100 includes all art supplies
  • SPARC registration code 156410
  • Visit for more info

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