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New World Habits campaign gathering momentum: please help if you're so moved!

In the wake of the Sunday's Seattle Times front page article (the most read of that paper!), we're getting extra coverage.  It's an opportunity to build momentum. 


It will take you no time but could make a big difference:  to sign on and show support for the 3-week shift.  And spread the word and ask others to sign on.

Where there's resistance to letting go of a habit such as disposable cups and people argue about the potential benefits, it's often because they think it would take a lot of effort to change.  And that only reinforces my sense of the need to get out the message (which is at the heart of New World Habits) that changing habits is not as effortful as we think, that we have enormous, untapped potential here.  And a good thing, too, because as the world changes more and more rapidly, our behavior will continue to have to evolve and adjust, and the more we tap into our potential to be malleable and responsive, the better.  Essential, as you all know.

If we can get groups of people shifting together, in a succession of campaigns (addressing various habits, one at a time), then we can begin to experience and demonstrate for others the ease of change and begin to change our culture's attitudes about habits in general.  And then we don't have to argue about it so much anymore! It's not so hard to change so--why not?  (smile)  Let's go to town with transitioning!!

(Neuroscience is coming out with so much interesting data about the plasticity of our brains and our ability to rewire them and create new patterns, quite rapidly.)


So let's get this first campaign to work because then we can use it to get the second launched and the third.. and become the malleable responsive citizens that living in these fast-changing times requires.


And do let me know if you're interested in working more closely with the campaign or organization.  I could use the help!  But above all, get people to sign on!!!!



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