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No Trash Week is coming up again - Earth Day Week, April 18th-24th!
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For anyone who's never done this before, here's the gist:
No Trash Week is an event created to inspire and help us support each
other in our efforts to reduce waste-making habits in our lives by
designating a time when we all try our best to live without creating
garbage for an entire week. The goal is to make a solid attempt to
modify our lifestyles to avoid creating trash. Hopefully by the end of
the week, everyone will have integrated into their lives at least a
couple of new techniques which help them live comfortably while sending
less to the landfill. There's no pressure to get a perfect score and
everyone is welcome to join in with whatever commitment they feel
comfortable. The emphasis is on developing sustainable habit changes
which can become permanent parts of daily life.

Some popular things to try during No Trash Week include:
  • Designating a convenient location to store reusable bags so they get remembered on grocery trips
  • Creating a drying rack to make washing of produce bags and ziplocks easy
  • Building meals from food that can be bought in bulk rather than in any packaging
  • Practicing remembering to bring tupperware to restaurants for leftovers
  • Making hankies and rags out of old clothes too ratty to wear or give away
  • Bringing a hand towel to work to avoid paper towel use for hand-washing
  • Getting around to setting up a backyard compost or indoor worm bin
  • Getting around to calling unsolicited mailers to have mailings cancelled
  • Fixing up your bike

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