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On Making the Virtual Garden a Reality

We all possibly know of an available indoor space getting too much sun in the summer and feeling great in the winter.  This room- if not in use, may qualify as a suitable space for a "vertical garden".  First of all, what exactly is a vertical garden?  Well, it varies according to who you ask.  This is why I choose to define the V.G. in the following manner:  Any space utilized in the cultivation of plants which has the following characteristics. 1 Indoor  2. Plants are not in the actual ground. 3. This is the important one:  Garden is constructed in a manner which carefully and conscientiously recycles resources used in the cultivation of the plants. Water, soil, soil additions such as plant food, fertilizer, minerals and such are recycled and made available for sustained use in cultivation process. 4. Plants need not be restricted with respect to space in a V.G..  This means you can stack, hang, rotate, flip, convey or do all kinds of wierd stuff.  

As most readers know, runoff and contamination are big planting challenges  The V.G. is an excellent solution to problems associated with runoff and contamination.  Another huge benefit is the conservation of water.  By far, the V.G. wins out over traditional agriculture on the issue of water conservation.  I personally can produce 5 ibs of microgreens on little under 1 gallon of water in a V.G. Setting.

I hope to bring added interest and attention to the V.G. at the Planet Home show,  We will be discussing various V.G. scenarios.  Please look for the Sustainable Downtown Seattle booth.  Thanks.

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