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Our first Open Space Event: Huge Success

We held our first Open Space event yesterday (Saturday 9/26/2009) on the topic:
How can we create a resilient, sustainable local economy that we would love to work and live in?

Facilitated by Katherine Wismer (at the far left in the photo below), the group of almost 20 participants raised and addressed questions such as "How can we develop more businesses that focus on local products and services needed for resiliencey?", "What might be the basis of our local economy?", and "How can we engage businesses in our local economy?"

As the discussions progressed, Anne Jess created a beautiful graphic recording of the ideas that emerged:

Once the session leaders submit their individual summaries, we'll compile the results and post them here. Stay tuned!

Update: Here's a set of photographs taken by the facilitator, Katherine Wismer:

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