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Picardo Farm P-Patch Community Project and Public Meeting

Hello and Greetings from Picardo Farm P-Patch~

Our garden was awarded a grant from the Department of Neighborhoods this past January and we are using the grant to rebuild a very old tool shed and also install a medicinal herb garden in the area around it. The toolshed has the closet where we place our food bank donations and also holds our power tools and a portion of the hand tools for the garden. In addition, with the remodel, we will be moving our apiary from the west hillside in the garden to the top of the toolshed. This is aimed to put the bees into a better space than the cold wet hillside where they are currently sited. 
Because Picardo is a public space we are required to hold a public meeting introducing our plans and accepting feedback from the community. We want to extend an invitation to our public meeting to the Sustainable NE community (some of us are gardeners!), this coming Monday evening at University Prep School, next door to the garden. 
We will be meeting:
Monday, April 20, 2015
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
At University Prep School
8000 25th Ave. N.E.   Seattle, WA 98115
Enter from the main door on the south side of the building. 
Please use street parking or the back in angle parking in front of the school. No parking in the Temple parking lot.
Thank you for sharing!
Laura Matter
Picardo Farm P-Patch

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