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I've moved from Transition Snoqualmie Valley to Lopez Island, where we've started a group of "mullers". We're curious to know how other Transition groups handle their response to political issues. For example, many of us here have worked hard, as individuals, to get an anti-GMO referendum on our county ballot. Having succeeded, do we support it as individuals or put the Transition "brand" on our endorsement? There are many other issues in the coming election that also obviously demand a commmitment one way or another. What are you doing?

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Comment by Leo Brodie on July 29, 2012 at 6:56pm

It's a good question, Nancy. In this group we generally avoid taking on political issues under our banner. For one thing, our mission is about what we can do together ourselves as a community to make our locale more resilient and sustainable. There are plenty of political groups that allow us to try to get the government to take action. Furthermore, we believe that our mission, if properly explained, should appeal to people across the political spectrum. There is nothing partisan in our mission, so we don't want to take a stance that would turn off anyone of a certain political stripe. Finally, we intend soon to apply for status as a 5013c; my understanding is that's not the proper designation for political action organizations.

On the other hand, we would be more open to supporting an initiative at the local (i.e. Seattle City) level that would impact directly our ability as a community to respond resiliently and sustainably. As a theoretical example, if Seattle city law prevented backyard chickens, we might be open to backing an effort to educate and persuade the city counsel otherwise -- as long as it didn't violate the terms of our 5013c status. (Luckily the city counsel is enlightened on this subject already, so we haven't had to look into this.)

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