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Restorative Justice events: Dominic Barter coming to Seattle September 12/13

We envision Seattle as community where conflict is embraced as an opportunity to build community relationships, cultivate trust, and empower citizens.   The mission of Seattle Restorative Justice is to bring a restorative justice system to Seattle and King County, as a parallel justice system in harmony with existing structures.  We seek to end the school to prison pipeline and bring healing and accountability wherever harm is done.


We are building a network of organizations, practices and facilitators who provide alternatives to our punitive justice system.  These approaches include Restorative Circles, Peacebuilding Circles, Non Violent Communication, Compassionate Listening, mediation, traditional practices, Positive Discipline and others.  Our growing list of partners includes: No New Jim Crow, Compassionate Seattle, Rauschenbusch Center of Church Council of Greater Seattle, Center for Ethical Leadership, The Compassionate Listening Project, The Virtues Project, Seattle Parks, Garfield High School.


Please check out our new Facebook page and 'like' us!  Join us at these upcoming events;


Dominic Barter**, internationally acclaimed practitioner and developer of Restorative Circle practice is coming to Seattle! While admission is free we will ask for a donation at the event. 


Friday evening, Sept. 12 at Campion Hall, Seattle U:  discussion on How To Create Community Based Restorative Justices Networks And Sys....  Dominic will share his international experiences, including favelas in Brazil.


Saturday Sept. 13 workshop – all day at Garfield Community Center—.  Introduction to Restorative Circles presented by founding practitioner Dominic Barter.   


**About Restorative Circles and Dominic Barter


Are you seeking a way to reverse the school-to-prison pipeline and find alternatives to exclusionary suspension in our schools?  Are you interested in greater harmony and deeper connection in your communities, family and organizations? Can you imagine engaging conflict in a way that builds relationships, deepens connection and learning?  Restorative Circles support people to step into important and bold conversations with safety and provide a mechanism for vibrant, ongoing, community-based restorative justice systems.  


Over the last 20 years, Dominic Barter developed a Restorative Justice Practice called "Restorative Circles"  in Brazil that is now being used in a wide range of communities, schools, court systems, and organizations in Seattle and around the world. It is one of a continuum of Restorative Practices used in the Community Restorative Justice Pilot Project being developed by the City of Seattle's Restorative Justice Initiative.  A recent University of Rochester video helps bring this practice to life.

This facilitated, face-to-face dialogue process empowers those involved in and impacted by conflict to understand and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, meet the needs of  those who caused harm, those who were harmed, and the community, and engage in collective action to repair harm, restore relationships, prevent future incidents, and promote healing.  Restorative Circles provide a proven, evidence-based alternative to punitive justice and disciplinary systems and a way to interrupt the disproportionate and negative effects those systems have in our communities. 


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