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Seattle City Council Wants Our Input

In 2010, the Seattle City Council established carbon neutrality as one of its sixteen Council priorities. Transition Seattle and SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound) agreed to help other neighborhood groups around the city who are interested in and working toward the City's goal to "adopt a carbon neutral goal for Seattle with specific milestones and implementation steps, along with a plan for adaptation to the effects of climate change."

This coalition between Transition Seattle, SCALLOPS, neighborhood community councils and individuals has started a process of gathering ideas and success stories that we will present to the Seattle City Council on Tuesday, September 14th.

As both a SCALLOPS group and a Transition Initiative, Sustainable NE Seattle is actively supporting this coalition, and we need your help.

To start, please take this survey:

Then, if you can, please join us at our regular meetings (come to as many as you can). For more information on the project and the meeting schedule, see

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