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Seattle can now claim that it's home to the world's largest online free marketplace.

A new Seattle start-up is making it easier for you to reuse. is a community marketplace that enables you to search for and publish free items. They like to call it ReCommerce. Kashless helps consumers find reusable and recyclable items in their local communities that they need in their daily lives. The main goal is to enable communities to go "Kashless" and reduce their footprint on this planet by using less.

Of the "three Rs" (reduse, reuse and recycle) they don't think reuse gets enough attention. I believe I can safely say that we're all advocates of recycling, but even recycling can use unneeded energy and resources. When we re-use something as much as we can, that means that goods are only recycled when they can no longer be used. Reusing items, whether for its original purpose, or for a new innovative purpose, is a great green alternative to buying new.

If more people adopt the practice we will use far less resources, energy and materials. Re-using as much as possible also keeps waste out of landfills, saving landfill space, and reducing environmentally harmful emissions. Not to mention that re-using an item for free instead of buying new will save you quite a bit of money.

Members of Kashless can search multiple sources of free listings all at once, using advanced tools to make the process work smoothly for everyone. Users can also post their own extra stuff to multiple marketplaces, their blog, and across all of their favorite web communities with one easy step. Here are a few things that set Kashless apart:
• Kashless allows you to search multiple free listings simultaneously. (like craigslist and freecycle)
• You can choose to receive alerts when items you want are listed.
• The site offers maps and directions, making pick-up easier.
• Users can buy postage through the site and have items mailed to them.
• After contributing, Kashless lets you print tax receipts through the site.
• Users create profiles and can see others site activity

For more information on, contact or visit the site at

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