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"What is the most energy efficient - using a dishwasher? Or handwashing?  How much energy does a plugged in computer take?   On October 4 and 6, you will have the opportunity to learn the answers to these questions and receive other tips on how simple changes have a big impact on energy use.

SustainableWorks and Sustainable Seattle invite you to be a part of the Sustainable Neighbors Action Program (SNAP). Become a trained SNAP volunteer, join the free two-part training.  At the 1st session, we will discuss the simple behavior changes we can all make to reduce energy use.  At the 2nd session, we will walk through an actual home energy assessment!  

Do you already walk the path of energy efficiency? Interested in getting your friends and neighbors on that path but don't have the tools?  We will teach you the skills and provide you with the kits to do just that!


1st Session: October 4, 6pm to 9pm

2nd Session: October 6, 10am to 12pm

Location: Centerstone, 722 18th Ave, Seattle, 98122


SNAP energy efficiency trainings are free, made possible through a Climate Action Now grant from the Office of Sustainability and Environment! Trainees will be asked to commit to sharing their training with neighbors."

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