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Partl fund-raiser for SPRING INTO BED, and part to fulfill a long held fantasy of Michael Seliga (CEL co-owner), on April 24th 2010 Cascadian Edible Landscapes will be hosting a promotional day of Sod Cutting across Seattle.

About Sod Cutting Spree is:

We send a team, a truck, and a sod cutter out to cut the sod for all the willing neighbors in a neighborhood/community. We remove lawns for as many people in 1 day as possible.
We cut and roll up sod as quickly as possible.
NOTE: We can cut several hundred square feet in a couple of hours.
Removal of sod can be done on a different day for additional time/cost.
Minimum charge will be 2 hours of time to make sure we cover transportation and admin.
CEL tracks each team’s effort. Winning team will be awarded a prize (TBD)
All proceeds (after CEL covers costs), will go towards CEL’s $1000 contribution to Spring Into Bed (SIB). Cost will be $40/hr plus 1 share of the sod cutter rental (estimated $15-20/person). The $1000 contribution towards SIB will be used to build a (lower income) family a set a garden beds NOW, and will help another family get their garden going later.

If you and your neighbors would like to participate in this event and have sod ripped out, hooray for you and please contact us right away.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Michael of CEL

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