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A small group of dedicated Sodbusters gathered to remove lawns, with the hope and promise of gardens to come. Jessie & Jason, Harry & Jane, Deb, and Lee & Steve all worked together to cut sod off four garden areas, and we managed to return the tool within the half-day minimum. With a cost to each of only $20, we paid for the rental and gas, and saved many hours of hard work. It should also be mentioned that topsoil was saved, because the sodcutter skims off just a fraction of soil compared to hand digging. In each case, while the cutting proceeded, the team was removing the sod and piling it up to decompose. If the sod pile is buried under 6 to 12 inches of arborist chips and given 1 to 2 years to just sit, when you come back there will be a beautiful spot for planting a tree or topsoil to bring back to the garden. This won't be the last time we have a sodbusters weekend. It's kinda need driven, so if you or someone you know wants to do this again, get in touch.

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Comment by Joann Kerr on April 13, 2009 at 12:01pm
Good work. Great to hear of continued collaboration. Did anyone take photos? Like to see the area you worked.

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