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Spokepeople maiden voyage with Sally Bragshaw along.

The SPOKESPEOPLE ride on  Sat the 9th was very fun and informative. We stopped along the way to see the proposed sites for improvements to the roadways and additions of Bicycle Greenways that will be safer and better connections to main bike friendly routes and the Burke Gillman trail. We have 2 people planning on taking the SPOKESPEOPLE training (thank you Denny Kerr and Lee LaCroix)  on MAy 5th at Cascade Bicycle and we hope to get at least 4 more so that we  have enough to have our own group rides. The rides help one learn to ride with confidence in our neighborhood and beyond. This is a great way to meet your neighbors, get to know your hood and gain confidence riding if you are reluctant. Please join the effort to bring a SPOKESPEOPLE group to our NE area. Join the LOCAL MOTION group on this site so we know you are interested in alternative transportation activities.

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