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Streetscape Guidelines & Zoning Recommendations for 35th Ave NE - PUBLIC COMMENTS DUE TOMORROW (FRI), August 15th

Streetscape guidelines and zoning recommendations have been prepared for 35th Ave NE based on community feedback from 2 well attended public workshops. The proposed plans were presented at a 3rd public workshop on July 31st. Additional feedback was provided by the community on the proposed plan at that public workshop, but the 35th Ave Committee also wanted to allow those who couldn't attend to provide feedback as well. So, the information was posted on their website for review. Click on the following link to be directed to the proposal. ( 

The plan includes supplemental design guidelines to help shape future buildings and consider adjoining single-family residences (, streetscape guidelines to shape the future pedestrian environment along 35th Ave NE, and zoning recommendations that include zoning changes and height increases primarily at the commercial nodes of 65th, 75th, 85th, and 95th (  Note: the image at right is an example of the proposed zoning recommendations. You'll note the existing zoning shown on the top right corner and the proposed zoning changes below.

Please also note that a FAQ was prepared to clear up misinformation about the plan. You can read that here: 

While both the Wedgwood Community Council and Ravenna-Bryant Community Association have endorsed this planning process, neither group is associated with this project and they have not yet approved or endorsed this plan. 

Public comments are being accepted through Friday, August 15th. All comments and feedback is welcomed. All comments should be emailed to or via the Email Us! box on the project website.

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