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If a Tree Falls in Thornton Creek, Does Anyone Hear it?


Thursday, Sept. 27th, 7pm – 9pm


Meadowbrook Community Center

10517 35th Ave NE, Seattle 98125


Please join TCA’s discussion about the importance of trees to the health & well-being of people & wildlife in our community.  Discover what we can do to protect and promote our urban forest canopy.  Learn about Seattle’s proposed tree ordinance (and why it needs to be better) and take action.  Also, get information about Seattle’s free yard-tree program.


Guest speakers include:


  • Matt Mega (Seattle Audubon, Urban Forestry Commission)
  • Ruth Williams (TCA, Tree Ambassador Program)
  • Cass Turnbull (PlantAmnesty)


        Meetings are always free

        and open to the public.


For more information




AGENDA for TCA Membership Meeting, 9/27/12, 7:00pm

Meadowbrook Community Center


  1. Welcome and Announcements
  2.  Agenda Review/Approve Minutes/Quorum Count
  3. 7:10 - Program:  If a Tree Falls in Thornton Creek, Does Anyone Hear It?


  • Matt Mega (Seattle Audubon, Seattle Urban Forestry Commission) – The Value of Trees in the Watershed
  • Ruth Williams (TCA, Tree Ambassador Program) – The City of Seattle’s Proposed Tree Regulations for Private Property
  • Cass Turnbull (PlantAmnesty) – How to Make Your Voice Heard in the Public Process
  1. 8:30 – Updates:  Trees for Neighborhoods (Ruth Williams);  Sand Point Way Culvert (Chuck Dolan); Meadowbrook (Brad Johnson);  Les Schwab Tire Site;  Sound Transit (Ruth Williams); 
  2. 8:45 - Officer reports:  Membership – Frank Backus; Treasurer – Gary Olson;  Website/Facebook update – Dan Mahler/Brad Johnson


  1.  8:55 Adjourn

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