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Tom Atlee on DIY "Makers" and Resilient Communities

Thoughtful blog post and great compilation of links from Tom Atlee's "Random Communications from an Evolutionary Edge" blog:


by Tom Atlee

"So we find ourselves in the midst of economic disruptions that may well foreshadow long-term, whole-system economic breakdowns fed by a full spectrum of emerging dynamics - from resource depletion (especially peak oil and loss of fresh water and topsoil) to climate change, with its extreme weather events and disruptive impact on agriculture - to say nothing of increasing wealth disparity (and its concentration of economic and political power), population growth, and who know what kind of wild cards will show up next from the global financial casino, novel technologies, geopolitical shakeups, solar geomagnetic disruptions... The list goes on, filled with uncertainties.

"Times of profound change and challenge are also usually times of rapid social transformation.  Such shifts can unfold in positive or negative directions - often both at the same time.  Crisis undermines business-as-usual and creates winds of change that can fill the sails of reaction or innovation - or overturn the boat with all aboard.

"So I find myself wondering about the role of alternative economic approaches and innovations in catalyzing social transformation in the event of significant systemic collapse.  I've been exploring this off and on for two decades, but I've usually put it on the back burner so I can focus on my "wise democracy" work.  I've told myself that political and governance systems are more basic since they set the rules of the game.  However in the mess of real life, politics and economics are totally entangled, profoundly shaping each other.

"I think it has also been hard to immerse myself in the possibilities of economic collapse because I've assumed it would necessarily involve extreme suffering and violence.  Surprisingly, I have found my views on that shifting lately as I have stumbled on more and more interesting trends and innovations that paint a picture that seems remarkably promising even in the face of many disturbing elements.  For the first time, emerging economic factors give me a sense that we just might make it - and that we could do it with some degree of elegance even at this late date.

"So in this note I'll share one piece of the puzzle that generated that sense of possibility, followed by many other pieces later.  As I go, I'll try to clarify how I see all these pieces fitting together into something much larger that I hadn't realized before..."

To read the rest of Tom's thoughts and access the links he has compiled:

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Comment by Christy Lee-Engel on June 12, 2012 at 7:15pm

You're welcome, John! Yes, Tom is a wonderful evolutionary thinker and synergizer, and his Co-Intelligence Institute is a provocative and rich resource.

Comment by Sue McGann on June 4, 2012 at 9:59pm


thank you for pointing us to a great post.. EMERGING ECONOMICS #2 is really good too..


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