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Update about Net Zero Impact and some of our recent jobs.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give everyone an update about a few of the jobs we've completed so far this year and last year. If you saw our last blog post you would know that we are a solar hot water distributor based out of the NE Seattle area. (Lake City/Sand Point). We just completed 4 commercial jobs recently and would love your help in finding more opportunities as well as any recommendations anyone might have on solar shows that you think would be good for us to attend/host a booth. 


Here are the four jobs we just completed: 


Our Lady of the Lake School - Located in Wedgwood just off 35th. (You can drive by the front of the building and actually see the solar panels on the roof).


Saint Edwards School/Church - Located in South Seattle just off of Orcas Street. 


Saint Paul School - Located in South Seattle near the Kubota Garden. 


Big Al Brewing Company - Located in West Seattle. Let's Al brew twice a day vs. brewing only once every other day. 


If you want to see more info about these check out our website Here or our Facebook page Here (where you can find a ton of photos and updates about the projects).


Thanks for the support and please let us know if you have any info you can share. 



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