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What does success mean to Sustainable NE?

Last evening we celebrated our second year of existence as a community interested and actively working on our resilience and reducing our carbon footprint. Many of the people there have been doing this for decades and others have just joined the march. We celebrate all of them. We came together and talked about what being a part of SustainableNESeattle means to us and what success for us as a community would look like. The number one point mentioned in regards to meaning, was the feeling of community that people have experienced. Secondly was the inspiration that has motivated all of us to take actions in our own lives. As someone who has been involved with this group since the beginning, I couldn't hope for better than that. The number one success marker was getting more people involved and participating. We are enjoying this so much, we want to share with more of you! One way to make that happen is to invite a friend or neighbor, family member, or co-worker to an event or meeting. We try to have several of those opportunities available at all times. The other thing to be aware of is, this organization functions based on the energy of the group, meaning if you have an idea for an activity or event and you have energy to initiate the action – to get the thing started – we will help you in whatever way we can. One such example of this is our first annual PLANET:HOME festival. Carol S. said she would love to see a sustainability event in this neighborhood, so she took the reins and started planning. She is looking for more people to help her – great way to get to know people when you work along side them on something fun. If you are trying to find an "in" to plug "in" to, this could be it!
We look forward to many more celebrations together and expanding our community deeper and with greater diversity. Please consider this an invitation to come and experience a caring community. Welcome!

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Comment by Joann Kerr on June 19, 2010 at 1:11pm
Glad you came and thank you for considering spending time with us upon your graduation. Congrats.
Comment by Laura on June 18, 2010 at 8:33pm
It was great to meet many of you face-to-face for the first time last night!

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