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Raising the antenna mast in a Kichwa village

We used a hardwood tree as an antenna mast - it will last as long as steel in this climate. It will hold 2 VHF and 2 HF antennas. I put down the camera to he...

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Comment by John Parnell on January 7, 2012 at 2:50pm

My first post here-  is to show how the Sustainable Community of Sarayacu in Amazon Ecuador works together to set up their communications infrastructure. Many of the homes have solar power and they also have solar powered satellite high speed internet. In this clip we were installing a mast to containing communications antennas. The post was made of a hardwood tree that was dropped into a 4 ft deep hole with rocks to brace it. This type of tree will last over 50 years buried, making it superior to steel for survivability in the rainforest.


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